Social Contract

As a member of CETI you will be asked to accept the following social contract.

I am joining the Canadian Entrepreneurial Training Initiative (CETI) community of people who share a common faith in continuously growing the CULTURE of innovation and entrepreneurship. We are an inclusive, all-industry, open-source, ecosystem-building, training and mentoring organization that is member driven. We recognize that our members are at different places in their career journey and may seek different rewards so we strive as a community to assist how we can.

This agreement describes what it means to innovate together. It defines what we support and pursue versus what we resist and avoid. It is a test for our decisions, actions and ways of interacting. By accepting this agreement I agree to join the CETI community, to embrace and promote this explicit set of 10 values and principles:

1. DREAM – I will dream, experiment, iterate, and persist. I understand that mistakes and failure are acceptable ways of testing new ideas.

2. DIVERSITY – I embrace diversity, strive to create opportunities for every person and I am open to meeting anyone in this community.

3. APPLY – I recognize that knowing is not enough, I must apply what I think I know to truly understand the extent of my knowledge.

4. PAY IT FORWARD – I agree to “pay forward” whatever positive benefits I receive.

• For every hour of advice I receive, I will give an hour of advice to someone else.

• For every risk someone takes with me, I will take a risk with a different person.

5. HELP – I understand that I will receive valuable help from others for free or at a very low cost.    6. LEARNING – I will open myself to learning from others. I am eager to act to learn. I will share my knowledge in the spirit of the Creative Commons to help nurture learning in others.

7. FAIRNESS – I will strive to be fair, working to obtain win-win collaborations.

8. HONESTY – I will be truthful and frank, supporting a culture of trust.

9. TEAM SPORT – I understand entrepreneurship is a team sport and seek to strengthen my relationships with my colleagues and the professionals that support me in achieving success.

10. ROLE MODEL – I will lead at times and follow at other times. Each person acts as a role model for everyone else. I will live these ideals and support them as a member of the CETI community.