At CETI, our vision is of vibrant, responsive and innovative applied research and entrepreneurial community throughout Western Canada


CETI’s long term vision is of communities that are sustainable where individual’s and families can meet their needs through engaging and fulfilling work. To accomplish this in the short term we provide opportunities to observe, orient, decide and act together. To effect long term community improvement, we work to increase opportunities to realize economic and social value.


When making decisions at CETI, the board, staff and volunteers will be accountable for and conscious of the following:

The best decision will be the decision that provides the best end for the highest number of our members, the clients they serve, the issues they address, and the future of our communities.

The core reason CETI exists is to increase the amount of research applied and adopted by our communities to improve the social and economic position of citizens within our communities. Today’s decisions will therefore be made in the context of both today and tomorrow, asking the question, “How will this decision affect the future of our organization AND the future of our communities?”

All parties to any decision will be treated with respect, integrity and professionalism.

Our message must be positive, that we can all make the change we want. With a passionate optimistic message, we can change minds and move mountains.

We can accomplish significant social and economic value by recognizing and supporting diversity, and promoting the exploration of new approaches to existing problems.